New conservative campaign points to Democrats' involvement in obstructing access and segregation in schools

The group Unleash Prosperity Now launched a campaign to denounce Democratic policies against freedom of choice in schools.

A new ad campaign blasts Democrats for promoting segregation in schools. Unleash Prosperity Now, a conservative group, launched a brief video in which they recalled the position of George Wallace, Democratic governor of Alabama in 1963.

Wallace then campaigned for segregation in schools. In recordings, he can be seen in front of a school entrance, proclaiming his intention to ban blacks from the best schools in the southern state. "Segregation now. Segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever," Wallace proclaimed in archival recordings.

The campaign, unveiled exclusively by Breitbart, seeks to "hold Democrats accountable" for their fight against freedom of choice and equity in education. The video equates Wallace with a number of other Democratic governors: Katie Hobbs (Arizona), Roy Cooper (North Carolina). Also appearing are President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nacy Pelosi.

In Arizona and North Carolina, Democratic governors intend to scrap school voucher policies for families. School vouchers allow parents to pay for their children's enrollment in the educational centers of their choice. Democrats defend so-called public education as the reason for these changes that drastically reduce the number of school checks issued by their state governments.

"In 2023, a new generation of 'George Wallace' Democrats again blocks the entrance to the colleges," the ad campaign narrative states. The spot singles out Democrats in states such as New York, Arizona, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas as the main obstacle to free parental and student choice for education.

Unleash Prosperity Now co-founder Steve Moore spoke with Breitbart about the main problem in Democratic education policies. "Democrats across the country are prioritizing the teachers' union over the rights of children. A quality education is a proven path to a better life and all children deserve a quality education. I can't imagine why Democrats would want to deprive children of that advantage," Moore said.