Netanyahu responds to Biden: "Most Americans stand by Israel"

The Democratic president assured that if the Israelis continue with "that incredibly conservative government" they will lose the support of the United States and the international community.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded this Tuesday to Joe Biden who assured that if Israel does not change its strategy it could be left without the support of the United States and the international community. Likewise, Biden called Netanyahu's government "incredibly conservative."

"Israel has had the overwhelming support of the vast majority of nations. If it keeps this up with this incredibly conservative government they have … they’re going to lose support from around the world," Biden said during an interview on NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers and reported by Axios.

In that sense, the prime minister published a video in which he refers to the comments. According to Axios, the video was released by the prime minister's office and described as a "response to President Biden."

"Americans support Israel"

In the video, Netanyahu assured that he has led a successful strategy to counter international pressure and end the war soon by consolidating countries' support for the Israelis in their war against the Hamas terrorist group.

In that regard, the Israeli prime minister also cited a Harvard-Harris poll that found that more than 80% of respondents in the United States support Israel more than terrorists. The study explained that more than 60% of Americans believe that Israel confronts terrorists by avoiding civilian casualties in war.

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"We have had considerable success. Today, a Harvard-Harris poll was published which shows that 82% of the American public supports Israel, meaning that four out of five U.S. citizens support Israel and not Hamas. This will help us continue the campaign until total victory," said the Israeli Prime Minister.