NATO and EU countries are considering sending troops to Ukraine

The information was provided by the Slovak prime minister before his participation in a meeting between European leaders in Paris.

NATO and European Union member countries are considering deploying troops to Ukraine, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said before entering a meeting of European leaders in Paris.

Fico, known for his stance against sending military supplies to Ukraine and classified by his critics as a pro-Russian populist, claimed to have had access to the meeting notes, revealing the possibility of deploying soldiers in the country affected by the conflict with Russia.

However, the lack of details about how this potential deployment would take place has led commentators to speculate that Fico could be trying to stir up controversy rather than provide concrete information, according to The Telegraph.

"I cannot say for what purpose and what they should be doing there," he said, emphasizing that Slovakia is not planning to send troops to Ukraine, believing the move could escalate the conflict.

Emmanuel Macron warns that Russia could attack NATO states

During the conference in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron called for increased support for Ukraine, highlighting that Moscow's recent actions suggest possible attacks on NATO states in the coming years.

Macron stressed that Europe's security is at stake and stated that Russia "must not and cannot win this war." He continued: "We all agree we don't want to go to war with the Russian people, but we're determined to keep escalation under control," adding that the meeting seeks to establish how to support Ukraine further.

"We are in the process of ensuring our collective security, for today and tomorrow," he reiterated.

After the meeting, Macron also referred to the information provided by Fico and stressed that although there is currently no consensus for sending ground troops, he warned that no possibility should be ruled out in the future.

Zelensky asks Europe to send more ammunition

In a video appearance, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky backed Macron's warning about a possible escalation of the conflict and expressed concern about the West's failure to fulfill ammunition supply promises.

The Ukrainian president highlighted that of the million projectiles promised by the European Union, only 30% have been delivered, which has directly affected the ability to maintain positions and advance in the conflict with Russia.