More than 70% of Peruvians say Dina Boluarte should resign as President of Peru

Only 25% of the citizens surveyed believe that the President should remain in office.

A survey conducted by the Institute of Peruvian Studies revealed that the majority of Peruvian citizens believe that Dina Boluarte should resign from the presidency to prevent the socio-political crisis that the nation is currently experiencing from continuing.

The Peruvian research center conducted a survey that found that at least 73% of people believe that the best option for the country to move forward is for the President to leave office.

The survey reveals that it is mainly citizens in rural areas who reject the president. In fact, 86% of the citizens interviewed in these areas thought that the President should resign. However, the numbers for the president seem to be negative throughout the country, as 77% of those interviewed in urban areas also believe that Boluarte's presidential term should end.

The survey indicates that only 25% of citizens believe that the president should remain in office and 2% avoided giving their opinion on the subject. It should be noted that Boluarte has made it clear that while she has no intention of remaining in the presidency, she has also indicated that her term will not be terminated by a resignation.

The Crisis in Peru

Dina Boluarte assumed the presidency on December 7, 2022 after Pedro Castillo was ousted and arrested following a failed self-coup he orchestrated.

Since then, Castillo's supporters have come out to protest in several areas of the country, causing a major crisis in the country and significant economic losses.

Blockade of Congress

One of the most important petitions of the protesters is the advancement of the general elections. So far, however, Congress has not budged, which has caused even more outrage among the population.