More than $60,000 raised on GoFundMe for the girlfriend of Ryan Carson, the left-wing activist murdered in New York

Claudia Morales, the New York poet's partner, is a well-known Black Lives Matter activist in favor of the 'Defund the Police' movement.

The murder of left-wing activist Ryan Carson has led to the start of a crowdfunding round for his girlfriend. Carried out by GoFundMe, the campaign has managed to raise more than $60,000 that will go to Claudia Morales, Carson's partner who witnessed the poet being stabbed.

Started by Tammie Marie Davis, the campaign was created by a group of Carson's friends concerned about the financial costs of his funeral, as can be read in its description :

We are a collective of Ryan's close friends, reeling from a brutal loss. We are asking for your help on behalf of his partner in easing the burden and stress of this horrifying situation so that we can have space and time to grieve, and remember Ryan. Immediate needs are to offset the costs of working class people taking time off of work to properly mourn.

Ryan Carson's friends went on to explain how the left-wing activist's death should not tarnish the accomplishments he had made, which included "legislative victories" that also needed to be recognized:

If you Google 'Ryan Carson', you'll hear (and now see) about the tragedy that struck on early Monday morning. But if you look past the breaking news, you'll see news on his legislative victories, you'll probably find his social media accounts filled with thoughts and memories, and you'll find collections of his artistic works to date. We hope you may find his thoughts on mutual aid, his works of advocacy, and understand that his radical principles of community care, justice, and dismantling an individualized profit-centered way of life are worth carrying forward in our own communities.

BLM activist Ryan Carson's girlfriend

Claudia Morales, for her part, is a well-known activist of Black Lives Matter and the Defund the Police movement. According to the journalist Andy Ngô, there is evidence of how Ryan Carson's girlfriend is openly against the police, even wearing a t-shirt with the ACAB motto ("All Cops Are Bastards") as well as other allegations made known by the reporter on his X account (formerly Twitter):