Milei attacks the socialist president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro: 'He is sinking Colombians'

The Argentine president's statements came in response to previous challenging comments from his counterpart.

Argentine president Javier Milei attacked his Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petro, this Saturday, cataloging him as a "lethal plague" that is harmful to Colombians.

The Argentine president was at this year's Conservative Action Political Conference (CPAC) in Washington when reporters asked him about Petro's previous comments. These challenged the Argentine president to debate the economy and suggested that he did not know the true meaning of communism.

Milei, far from remaining silent, stated that Petro was "sinking Colombians" and described him as a "lethal plague" for the citizens of his country.

The Argentine president's response marks another chapter in the growing confrontation with Petro. Almost a month ago, during an interview, Milei classified his Colombian counterpart as a "murderous communist who is sinking Colombia." This statement unleashed the first diplomatic crisis between both nations under the Milei Administration.

In response to Milei's statements, the Colombian government called for consultations with its ambassador in Buenos Aires, Camilo Romero, and in a later statement, Romero accused Milei of being a hypocrite. "While today he asks our government for approval for his new ambassador in Colombia, he calls President Gustavo Petro a murderer. He had already attacked Lula (president of Brazil) and even Pope Francisco," he said.

The statement from the Foreign Ministry, in addition to rejecting Milei's statements, stated: "President Milei's words ignore and violate the deep ties of friendship, understanding and cooperation that have historically united Colombia and Argentina, and that has been reinforced throughout two centuries."