Milei announces that his government will review 70,000 public employee contracts

Javier Milei was optimistic about the future of his country's economy. He claimed that he will carry out "a fiscal adjustment, which has a lot of cuts."

The President of Argentina, Javier Milei, announced that he will review 70,000 public employee contracts. The statements were made during the closing of the International Economic Forum of the Americas.

"We eliminated discretionary transfers to the provinces. We fired 50,000 public employees. Contracts were canceled and 70,000 more are going to be cut," said the Argentine president when explaining the reforms his government has made to cut public employment.

The Casa Rosada explained that at least 70,000 contracts are under review but that they plan to cut more than 14,000 by the end of the month. The government explained that these contracts will be canceled progressively.

"Shortly after finishing his speech, the Casa Rosada explained that the number of contracts to be cut was not what the president mentioned. Without talking about a presidential error, they warned that '70,000 is the universe of contracts currently under review' and that 'the losses will be in stages,'" explained the Argentine newspaper La Nación.

The Argentine president was optimistic about the future of his country's economy. During his presentation to the group of businessmen, he assured that his government is advancing reforms despite the policy. Milei said, "We Argentines lost 80% of our income in this populist adventure that took place in recent years. It is a true catastrophe. The consequence of this is that more than 50% of people are poor and 10% are poverty-stricken. Five million Argentines do not have enough to eat. And we also had a 17-point GDP deficit."

We are convinced of carrying out a fiscal adjustment, which has a lot of cuts. If we wanted to do it quickly, we had to do both. There is a lot of both today. Among them, we eliminated public works outright, something I am proud of and something that all good people should oppose.