Mexico: The Michoacán prosecutor's office finds 11 bodies in a clandestine grave

This discovery comes two months after another grave with six bodies, including two minors, was found in the same place.

The prosecutor's office in Michoacán, Mexico, reported this Wednesday a new discovery. Mexican authorities found a clandestine grave with a total of 11 bodies in Tarímbaro, one of the red zones of the state that is located 30 kilometers from the town of Morelia:

The bodies, which included seven men and four women, were found in different states of decomposition and were taken to the Forensic Medical Service, where the autopsy will be performed and correct identification will be carried out, as stated by the prosecutor's office in its press release:

When carrying out an inspection at the site, 11 lifeless people were located, seven men and four women, in an advanced state of decomposition, who, in accordance with the protocols, were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for a legal autopsy to be performed. and the necessary scientific techniques are carried out to achieve their identification. The FGE personnel continues with the corresponding investigative acts that allow the clarification of the facts, contemplated and sanctioned by article 185 of the Penal Code of the State of Michoacán, the General Law on Forced Disappearance of Persons and Disappearance Committed by Individuals, in addition to other criminal conduct that may arise.

Clandestine graves on the rise in Mexico

Clandestine graves are nothing new. Two months ago, Infobae reported that another was found with six bodies, two of them minors. In addition, Mexico is experiencing an unprecedented wave of violence. At least 17 candidates running for public office were murdered in the last week.

They are not the only ones. Mexican citizens have also been going missing. A family in the state of Guerrero recently went missing. This region ranks third for the highest number of clandestine graves discovered between December 1, 2018, and April 2023.

El País reported that a total of 238 illegal graves were located in Guerrero. The only two states with more are Veracruz with 344 and Sinaloa with 238. The state with the fourth most clandestine graves is Michoacán with a total of 228.