May 9/11 remind us that the threat of Islamic terrorism remains latent

Biden is not interested in reminding Americans that those responsible for the greatest terrorist attack in history still roam through the streets of the United States today.

We can never forget. Sept. 11 will always serve as a reminder of what evil is capable of. If it is not confronted, if it is not specified, it will strike again and again, and so on, until it has won.

Because, like Popper's paradox of tolerance, one cannot tolerate one who is intolerant. Because tolerance of intolerance has dire consequences, e.g. Paris, Manchester, Malmö, Marseille or any city already that has felt the effects of radical Islam.

Today, Biden did not visit the 9/11 Memorial in New York. In a column for Fox News, the courageous former Representative Tulsi Gabbard speculates the reason for the absence of the president of the United States: "He wants the American people to 'move past' or forget about this attack, who carried it out, and why. He and his administration want us to move forward to new, bigger, and more lucrative wars."

"The Biden administration and their propagandists in the mainstream media downplay the fact that the 9/11 attack on our country was carried out by jihadists who continue to carry out a crusade to impose Islamic caliphates throughout the world, including the United States. They want to hide from the American people the fact that these jihadists are the biggest long-term threat to the United States and world," she continued.

Gabbard is right. The current Democratic Party, which treats identity politics as an unalterable dogma, would sacrifice anything besides inclusion. However played out the term may be, it remains valid: the danger of political correctness is that it functions as a straitjacket.

Those responsible for Sept. 11 are still alive. Italian author Oriana Fallaci warned of this. The children of Allah multiply, exalted by the docility of the free world, which is afraid to offend or even ask.

Those responsible are in Sana'a, Baghdad, Tehran or Ramallah, but they also ride the subway at Penn Station or in Madrid. They are in Miami, London and Bern. Ready, attentive to ridicule the next person who mocks Muhammad.

And Biden, as the head of the most important country in the free world, is not interested in the issue. It makes him uncomfortable. Because addressing it would imply addressing the drama of the border crisis, through which dozens of potential fundamentalists sneak in daily. Addressing it would force Biden to end a possible nuclear agreement with Iran and to support the determined government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, which understands like no one else the consequences of not confronting evil.

It's not going to happen. As Tulsi Gabbard says, Biden is interested in other wars, more profitable, irrational and distant.