Lucio Dupuy case: child's mother and girlfriend guilty of aggravated murder

The Argentine Justice determined that Magdalena Espósito Valenti and Abigaíl Páez murdered and sexually assaulted the minor. Their sentence will be announced on February 13.

The verdict is in for the murder of Lucio Dupuy, committed on November 26, 2021. The Court of Hearings of Santa Rosa (Argentina) declared Magdalena Espósito Valenti and Abigaíl Páez, the boy's mother and her girlfriend, guilty of murder. The sentence for both criminals will be announced on February 13, although, due to the nature of the crimes, they will likely be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Argentine justice department determined that Valenti is the main perpetrator and responsible for the crime of grossly aggravated familial murder with malice aforethought and extreme cruelty. Páez is guilty of aggravated murder with malice aforethought and extreme cruelty as well as grossly aggravated sexual abuse.

During the hearing, the judges concluded that the guilty parties "physically assaulted Lucio Dupuy causing him multiple injuries that later caused his death." The convicted women were not in the courtroom at that time.

After the trial, Ramón Dupuy, Lucio's paternal grandfather, was satisfied with the verdict but wanted to be cautious before the sentence is known:

This is not the time to celebrate anything. This grief did not bring Lucio back to me. I am satisfied with the guilt that was given to them. Both are responsible. We must wait for the weight to be given to the conviction. The ruling they gave is life imprisonment, for sure, but we will see what Mario says. I can tell you about the pain, but technically nothing.

The autopsy revealed that Lucio Dupuy died from a "ferocious beating" and presented various "injuries on several parts of his body.” The forensic doctor, Juan Carlos Toulouse, explained that the victim suffered "recent and long-standing" sexual abuse -and presented "a strong blow affecting his hip, buttock, and leg, dating back 7-8 days.”