Javier Milei officially rounds out his list of eight ministers

The president-elect confirmed the names that will head the different ministries in his government starting Dec. 10.

The eight ministers who will make up the cabinet of Argentine president-elect Javier Milei are official. Starting Dec. 10, the new libertarian Argentine government will have the task of lifting up a country that has been hit hard economically.

Argentina will go from having 19 ministries to only eight, one of the promises that became a pillar of Milei's electoral campaign. The main objective of this decision is to reduce public spending.

Among Milei's new ministers are several politicians close to former President Mauricio Macri. Milei will depend on them to push his proposals forward in the legislative bodies.

The last minister to be named by Milei was that of the Ministry of Defense. The president-elect chose Luis Petri, who was former candidate Patricia Bullrich's running mate. Milei's office made the announcement Monday on X (formerly Twitter). Petri, 46 years old, will replace the Kirchner veteran Jorge Taiana.

A very 'Macrista' government

The rest of Milei's cabinet is made up of Patricia Bullrich, Milei's aforementioned opponent in the presidential campaign. She was named as the new minister of security, the same position she held during Macri's term.

Luis Caputo will be head the Ministry of Economy. He was the head of the Ministry of Finance under Macri starting in 2017. He was also president of the Central Bank, an entity responsible for Argentine superinflation according to Milei during his campaign.

Mariano Cúneo Libarona is expected to serve as minister of justice. He is a lawyer and professor who comes from the private sector and the judiciary. He was not and is not active in any Argentine political group.

At the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be Diana Mondino, a 65-year-old economist who has accompanied Javier Milei since the beginning of his campaign in Buenos Aires. She is a fellow member of his party, La Libertad Avanza.

For the Ministry of Infrastructure, Milei has tapped Guillermo Ferraro, an engineer with extensive experience in the private infrastructure sector. For 13 years, he headed the Argentine wing of consulting firm KPMG.

In the Ministry of Human Capital, Javier Milei has appointed Sandra Pettovello, a member of the UCEDE, a conservative libertarian party without representation in Argentine institutions. She is part of Javier Milei's inner circle.

Guillermo Francos will occupy the Ministry of the Interior. He is a lawyer also from Milei's inner circle. He has already held positions in previous Argentine governments.