In all the wars that Israel has fought in recent years with Hamas, the foreign media are an information phalanx of the terrorists.

The foreign media, or a good part of them, are in all the wars that Israel has fought in recent years with Hamas an information phalanx of the terrorists. By reporting only civilian deaths, accepting as valid the Islamists' clearly inflated balance sheets, and ignoring the successes and military logic of Israeli operations, my fellow journalists religiously serve to increase international pressure on Israel that limits its actions and prevents you from achieving part of your objectives. It is particularly curious that the journalists who devote themselves so devotedly to this role provide this service to Hamas from the very territory of Israel. I know how Ukraine and Russia react to any suspicion of excessive sympathy for the enemy (not to mention this obvious zeal to help him). No country at war allows the presence on its territory of hostile journalists who sympathize with the other side as Israel does.

Spain has offered to hold a peace conference between Israel and Palestine in Madrid. It will not happen, of course, because Israel has no incentive to accept it and because Palestine does not exist and the only Palestinian actor with the strength to control all the Palestinian territories is Hamas. However, with the help of that European Union that always excuses them and so many times saves them, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, will partially satisfy his Government partners who openly align themselves with Hamas with this initiative aimed at binding Israel's hands and feet and giving air to the terrorists who control the Gaza Strip when it's time to pay. Furthermore, Sánchez will be able to present himself as a great statesman of international stature before a substantial part of a Spanish electorate that is still very nationally self-conscious and continues to be dazzled by everything that comes from countries further north. Those who are not fooled by the maneuvers of Sánchez and his Government are the Israelis and the vast majority of Jews. Ben Cohen has just published an article for the Jewish News Syndicate entitled "Spain and Turkey lead the diplomatic war against Israel." The text has been published, among others, by The Algemeiner, one of the most established and followed international Jewish publications.