Israel: Hamas terrorists committed “systemic and intentional” rape and genital mutilation on October 7

The Association of Rape Victims Help Centers in Israel (ARCCI) presented a report and claims to have evidence that Palestinian attackers sexually assaulted women at the beginning of the war.

The Association of Rape Help Centers in Israel (ARCCI) has reported “systemic and intentional” rape and sexual abuse during the Hamas attack on October 7 in its latest report. This Israeli organization claims to have sufficient evidence to corroborate these claims about the atrocities that caused the current war in Gaza.

The report reveals that the terrorist group Hamas made rape and sexual abuse another combat tool during the Palestinian raid on October 7. The document presented this Wednesday by the organization cites there were genital mutilations, in addition to assaults and rapes, carried out against Israeli women.

“In some cases, the rape was carried out in front of an audience, such as parents, family or friends, to increase the pain and humiliation of all those present,” according to the report to which the Associated Press had access. 

The ARCCI has not yet detailed the number of cases taken into consideration for the report. In a press conference, Orit Sulitzeanu, the executing director of the association, clarified that identifying the victims is a difficult task because the majority of them died in the same attack on October 7.

The terrorist group Hamas has always denied the veracity of these events, yet these accusations are not just coming from Israel. AP verified that Hamas is responsible for these atrocities.

The rapes occurred in four different places. The report indicates the attacks took place at the music festival, military bases near Gaza, kibbutzim and locations inside the Gaza Strip where Hamas and jihadists were holding hostages captured on October 7.