Israel Defense Forces claim to have killed 8,000 Hamas terrorists

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari revealed that they have "eliminated more than 2,000 terrorists from the air, sea and land" in the past three weeks.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) revealed that they have killed 8,000 Hamas terrorists since the initial massacre on Oct. 7. They claim that since the terrorists broke the truce agreement three weeks ago, they have killed 2,000 members of the organization.

Daniel Hagari, IDF spokesman, detailed in a press conference:

Our forces continue to intensify ground operations in northern and southern Gaza. Since the end of the operational pause on ground operations in Gaza, our forces have eliminated over 2,000 terrorists from the air, sea, and land. We have increased the number of soldiers fighting in eastern Khan Yunis and are operating there determinedly with five infantry brigades and combat engineering forces, focusing on underground combat to drive out the terrorists, fight them as they emerge, and drain this space of Hamas terrorism. 

Along with the 2,000 terrorists killed in recent weeks, there are additional 6,000 dead, as counted by The Times of Israel. According to the report:

This brings the military’s estimates of Hamas fighters killed in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the war to around 8,000. Another 1,000 Hamas terrorists were killed in Israel on October 7, during the terror group’s onslaught.

Hamas uses children to transport explosives in Gaza

On the other hand, a video posted to Israel's X account indicated, in the words of a "Hamas commander," that the group uses "children to transport explosives in Gaza."