"Irish Lives Matter": Riots in Dublin after multiple children were stabbed

Irish authorities condemn the protests. They have yet to reveal the attacker's nationality.

People in Dublin (Ireland) have had enough and took to the streets to demand security after three children were injured in a knife attack outside a school. Hundreds of protesters clashed with the police on Thursday night. They lit several vehicles on fire and destroyed public property in the Irish capital. Irish police on Friday said they had made 34 arrests.

"Irish Lives Matter"

According to the Irish authorities, the attack which left at least five people injured, was not linked to terrorism. A five-year-old girl and a young woman were seriously injured. After the attack, dozens of Dubliners took to the streets to demand safety for their children. The European media and the Irish authorities described the protesters as "crazy ultras driven by the extreme right," as Commissioner Drew Harris called them, adding that "misinformation" about the attacker's nationality had led to these riots.

However, the events in Dublin are one more example that the population is fed up with violence and aggression in their once peaceful neighborhoods. In fact, after the attack, hundreds of participants gathered in a neighborhood with a large immigrant population with national flags and banners reading "Irish Lives Matter."

Authorities condemn protesters

While the protesters demand safer conditions, the authorities insist that this is not the right way to go. "We will not tolerate a small number of people using atrocious events to sow division," Justice Minister Helen McEntee said in a statement, adding that attacks on the police will be dealt with "severely." The police also called out the protesters for their violent attitude.

Meanwhile, the authorities have yet to reveal the nationality or origin of the attacker after some media and social networks reported he was possibly of Algerian origin. Superintendent Liam Geraghty said the person arrested for the attack, a man in his 50s, was a "person of interest" to police. Fighter Conor McGregor posted a message on social media saying that "Ireland is at war" and criticized the authorities for the way they handled the protesters.

The hero who stopped the attack: a Brazilian immigrant

Amid the violence, there was one man who, thanks to his bravery, prevented the attack against the children from being fatal. Deliveroo driver Caio Benicio was out on his motorcycle when he witnessed the knife attack. Benicio, 43, got off the motorcycle and hit the aggressor with his helmet.

"I didn't even make a decision, it was pure instinct, and it all ended in seconds. He fell to the ground, I didn't see where the knife was going, and other people intervened," this Brazilian immigrant told The Journal.