Iran threatens the United States at the UN Security Council meeting, saying that if it begins an operation against its interests there will be retaliation

During an emergency session, both Israel and the Biden administration asked member countries to condemn the recent attacks by the Iranian regime.

Iran’s ambassador to the UN, Amir Saeid Iravani, issued a strong warning to the United States during his speech at the Security Council, making it clear that his country will not hesitate to respond to any threat directed towards its interests.

In an emergency session called this Sunday at Israel’s request, Iran justified its recent attacks against Israel, arguing that it acted in self-defense. Iravani emphasized that Iran was not seeking to foment the escalation of conflicts in the region, nor did it intend to enter into direct confrontation with the United States.

The ambassador said his country is committed “to peace and containment,” but he also assured it would respond if the United States initiated an operation against its interests. Iran “will not hesitate to respond to any threat or aggression, in accordance with international law,” he asserted.

The United States demands the UN Security Council condemn Iran’s attack on Israel

The deputy representative of the United States to the UN, Robert Wood, called on the members of the UN Security Council to unequivocally condemn the aggressive actions carried out by Iran. Likewise, he warned that the United States is already evaluating options to hold Iran accountable for the attacks.

“Iran’s intent was to cause significant damage and death in Israel. It launched over 300 munitions, including more than 100 ballistic missiles and land attack cruise missiles at Israel, as well as explosive unmanned aerial vehicles,” Wood said during the emergency meeting.

“Iran’s reckless actions not only posed a threat to populations in Israel but also to other UN Member States in the region, including Jordan and Iraq. The Security Council has an obligation to not let Iran’s actions go unanswered,” he added, highlighting that Iran has already violated its international legal obligations for “too long.”

“In the coming days, and in consultation with other Member States, the United States will explore additional measures to hold Iran accountable here at the United Nations,” he declared.

Israel joined the United States’ request

During the meeting, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, also called for imposing “all possible sanctions on Iran before it is too late.”

In addition, Israel announced that it “reserves the legal right” to respond to the attacks carried out by Iran.

This attack crossed all the red lines (…) After such a massive attack against Israel, the entire world, and even less Israel, cannot sit idly by. We defend our future,” he stated.