International Women's Day: Spanish political party compares women to cows

PACMA posted an image in which it calls to "fight for an anti-speciesist feminism, by and for all, without distinctions" between humans and animals.

International Women's Day is commemorated every March 8. Some organizations and political parties, in their eagerness to fly the flag of feminism, border on ridiculous with their statements, as in the following case.

The Partido Animalista Con el Medio Ambiente (PACMA), a political party in Spain centered on defending animal rights (though they have no representation in the country's Congress), published an image of a woman and a cow. The post encourages followers to fight "for feminism without distinction of species." That is, comparing females to female animals:

Neither oppressed nor oppressors! We fight for an anti-speciesist feminism, by all and for all, without distinctions.

With the slogan, "For a feminism without distinction of species," PACMA declares one of the key points of its ideology: fighting against speciesism. This means that the party equates humans with animals, completely rejecting the premise that humans are a superior species. Therefore, PACMA rejects all discrimination against animals, including, in this case, on the basis of gender.

PACMA's campaign provokes laughter on social networks

Many users of social networks questioned whether PACMA's campaign was a parody. Some women even ironically questioned whether they are cows instead of humans:

Am I a cow now?

"Anti-speciesist feminism".... O.K. then, start milking bulls and see how you end up.