The Democratic congresswoman is toxic and harmful to the country she is supposed to represent.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of ousting radical, anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee for her Judeophobic statements disguised, and sometimes not so disguised, as anti-Zionism.

Omar, an extremist Muslim of Somali origin, has on several occasions spoken out against Jews and Israel with phrases that are truly repudiatory to anyone who despises hate.
Jonathan S. Tobin recalled in a recently published article one of those statements in which the congresswoman could not resist going public with her anti-Semitic hatred:

Shortly after entering the House, Omar tweeted that Congressional support for Israel was due to bribes from AIPAC [American Israeli Public Affairs Committee]: "This is all about the Benjamins" [referring to $100 bills]. She later apologized but did not retract her support for BDS or any other part of her anti-Israel agenda.

Beyond her feigned apology, what Omar wanted to express is clear: Jews dominate finance and use their money to control the world. Anyway, let's agree that the congresswoman is not very original and has only repeated the conspiracy theories of the anti-Semites that led to several persecutions throughout history. Yes, the same one carried out by the Nazis, whom Omar surely supports, as did the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al Husaini, a great ally of Adolf Hitler, who tried to help exterminate the Jews out of the Middle East.

Omar has so much hatred built up that she cannot prevent it from coming to the surface, beyond the ridiculous justifications of some progressive Democrats who, in their eagerness to attain power to implement their authoritarian policies, try to cover it up. In fact, as Tobin pointed out in his article, the congresswoman's statements provoked: 

...calls from both Republicans and Democrats to censure Omar. But progressives in the House joined her. In an epic act of gaslighting, claimed that it was Omar who was being discriminated against for being a "woman of color," as well as an immigrant and the first Somali-American congresswoman.

However, the aforementioned hateful statement was not Omar's only one. It's just one of many. She once said, "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them to see Israel's evil deeds." Once again, the Jews dominate the world and the Almighty Allah, the same one who calls for Jihad, will save us from their clutches.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is important to the U.S. image in the eyes of the world. No one is asking for them to be expelled from the country, but the United States cannot afford to be soiled in such a way. It should be a beacon of freedom and tolerance for the entire planet.

On another occasion, she said, "Drawing attention to the Israeli apartheid regime is far from hating Jews." Sure, why not? The problem is one of the most open, plural, and free countries in the world, not to mention the Middle East, where Islamist tyrannies and bestial tyrannies that disregard the most basic human rights rule. Apparently, defending oneself from the terrorism she justifies is apartheid. It does not matter that Arabs in Israel can study and work in whatever they want (regardless of sex), line their pockets as wealthy businessmen, be in the Supreme Court of Justice and send important Jewish politicians to prison, be part of the Armed Forces or the Police, pray wherever and however they want, or protest against the Jewish State (even with Palestinian flags). There are even Arab Members of the Knesset (who do not represent the whole sector, of course) ranting against Israel and defending terrorists on a daily basis. If only Muslims throughout the world (Arab and non-Arab) could have a small percentage of the freedoms they enjoy in Israel.

Of course, in her eagerness to ingratiate herself with the left, for mere political expediency, and to show herself as a woman who, in reality, is anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic, she made a grotesque comparison between Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban. Talking nonsense is free, of course, but if she really wants to prove her point, I would ask the congresswoman and her followers to visit Gaza and Afghanistan, where I would love to see them behave as they do in the United States. Let's see what would happen if their wokism were to come out in those places. They would probably only need a one-way ticket.

Of course, she always tries to victimize herself with the support of her leftist friends, who only use her to oppose Israel, but the truth is that radical Islamism and the extremist left hate each other as much as they use each other, and all for political reasons. This conflict has already begun to be reflected in U.S. society, but not yet at the political level, of course, where hypocrisy reigns.

In 2019, Omar and Rashida Tlaib, her equally anti-Semitic crony in the House of Representatives, wanted to travel to Israel to carry out anti-Israel propaganda work from the territories controlled by Palestine. Omar was banned from entering, while Tlaib was granted a visa to visit her grandmother. However, the congresswoman refused to travel because of the "oppressive conditions" imposed by Jerusalem. At that time, I wrote an article opposing the decision of the Hebrew Government, despite the fact that the Israelis themselves are banned or restricted from entering several Muslim countries (Arab and non-Arab), since I consider that such a gesture of goodwill towards these two anti-Semites would have been a blow to their image, not to Israel's, beyond the propaganda campaign they would have carried out. They surely celebrated Jerusalem's decision and it was probably what they were looking for because it made them look like victims, which they are not.

However, it is one thing to allow people to enter a given country and quite another to show the image of a nation through its representatives.

The Foreign Affairs Committee is important to the U.S. image in the eyes of the world. No one is asking for them to be expelled from the country, but the United States cannot afford to be soiled in such a way. It should be a beacon of freedom and tolerance for the entire planet. The decision to expel Omar from the committee is the right one. The congresswoman is toxic and greatly harms the nation she represents. Her deep hatred and great intolerance should have no place in the free world.