Husband of owner of New York day care center where baby died of drug overdose arrested in Mexico

Felix Herrera-Garcia was on his way to Culiacan before he was intercepted. Investigators indicate that the four detainees operated a drug trafficking network.

The husband of the owner of the Divino Niño daycare center (New York), where a baby died of a fentanyl overdose and three others had to be hospitalized has been arrested in Mexico. This is the fourth arrest in connection with this case.

Authorities proceeded to arrest Felix Herrera-Garcia while he was on his way to the city of Culiacan by bus.

According to the federal investigation, Herrera-García and the three others arrested were involved in drug trafficking and their base of operations was the nursery where the baby died and three others suffered intoxication.

In addition, authorities say Grei Mendez, owner of the daycare center, called Herrera-Garcia before alerting emergency services. Culiacán, where the last detainee was headed before being intercepted, is the Sinaloa Cartel's main base of operations.

Three more arrested

Last Monday, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York reported the arrest of Renny Antonio Parra Paredes, known as El Gallo. He is charged with "conspiracy to distribute narcotics resulting in death in connection with the poisoning of four children under the age of three, one of whom died, at a daycare facility in the Bronx."

"I promised last week that we would continue to work to bring those involved in the child poisonings at Divino Niño daycare to justice. Since then, this Office and our law enforcement partners have worked around the clock to identify and apprehend additional individuals who are responsible. Today’s arrest is one more step toward obtaining justice for the child-victims of this heinous offense and their families," said prosecutor Damian Williams.

Regarding the presence of fentanyl in the day care center, the DEA agent in charge of the case, Frank A. Tarentino III said that "the Daycare’s floorboards were used as concealment, putting children’s lives at risk who innocently sat on the floor to play."

Last week, emergency services responded to the day care center after receiving a tip-off. Upon arrival, they found a baby unconscious and without vital signs. He was immediately transported to Montefiore Medical Center, where nothing could be done to save his life and he was pronounced dead. Three other children also had to be admitted - one of them in critical condition - for opioid exposure.

A day after the event, Carlisto Acevedo Brito, 41, and Grei Mendez, 36, were arrested and held responsible for facilitating access to fentanyl for the baby.