House finds potential 'collusion' between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden's business partners

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is asking the National Archives for a series of complete messages that could prove the connection.

On Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability announced that they detected potential "collusion" between the office of then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son's business associates in Ukraine.

According to committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY), some emails could prove a relationship between Hunter's business dealings and his father.

The representative gave as an example a Dec. 4, 2015, message when Eric Schwerin, a former business associate of the Biden family, "wrote to Kate Bedingfield in the Office of the Vice President providing quotes the White House should use in response to media outreach regarding Hunter Biden’s role in Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company."

According to the committee, the supposed goal behind this message was to shape media coverage of Burisma and its relationship with the Biden family.

According to the committee's announcement, on December 4, Bedingfield responded to Schwerin by saying, "VP signed off on this."

December 4, 2015, is not just any date, because according to Devon Archer, former business partner of the president's son, after a meeting with the board of directors of Burisma in Dubai, Hunter Biden himself "called D.C." to discuss how to ease Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin's pressure on the energy firm.

Shokin was investigating Burisma for corruption when Hunter Biden was a board member. The prosecutor was fired by the Ukrainian government under pressure from then-Vice President Biden, who threatened to withhold humanitarian aid earmarked for the European country.

That's why the Republican-led Oversight Committee is asking the National Archives for a series of messages and documents in which Biden's office addressed issues related to Burisma.

In a letter addressed to the national archivist, Colleen Shogan, President Comer requested several documents, including complete and unredacted versions of all records on Hunter Biden, James Biden and their overseas businesses, citing case number 2022-0121-F.

Comer is also requesting all documents and communications addressed to or coming from the Executive Office of the President and Vice President addressed to Hunter Biden's associates, mentioning in particular Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer, Vuk Jeremic, John Robinson "Robinson "Rob" Walker or Jeffrey Cooper.

Also, in the letter he requests all the executive calendars created for then-Vice President Joe Biden dating from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017.

"Joe Biden never built an ‘absolute wall’ between his family’s business dealings and his official government work – his office doors were wide open to Hunter Biden’s associates," said James Comer, referring to the committee's latest findings regarding the Biden family businesses. "There is evidence of collusion in the efforts to spin media stories about Burisma’s corruption while Vice President Biden was publicly pushing an anti-corruption agenda in Ukraine."

"Suspiciously, Hunter Biden’s associate had a media statement on Burisma approved by Vice President Biden himself the same day Hunter Biden ‘called D.C.’ for help with the government pressure facing Burisma," the Republican said.