Gaza truce extension extended for two more days

The Qatari government, serving as a mediator in the conflict, confirmed the extension. It will involve the release of more hostages captured by the terrorist group.

Hamas announced that the truce in Gaza has been extended for two more days. This was communicated by the Qatari government, who has been serving as a mediator in the conflict, via Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Majed Al Ansari:

At the moment, the Israeli government has yet to confirm the news, but the terrorist group has, per Egypt, who has also served as a key mediator in the negotiation. The White House also confirmed the extension

This extension of the truce means that at least 20 hostages captured by Hamas will be released. Similarly, Israel will have to release 60 Palestinian prisoners, according to The Times of Israel.

Hostage release

During the first three days of the truce, the Hamas terrorist group released 58 hostages who were being held captive for seven weeks. In exchange, Israel agreed to release 117 Palestinian prisoners. On the fourth day of the armistice, both parties again agreed to release a new group of detainees.

On Monday morning, there was a deadlock in negotiations between the two sides after close sources told The Times of Israel that Hamas intended to separate kidnapped mothers from their children. Ultimately, however, Benjamin Netanyahu's government managed to prevent the terrorist group from doing so.

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