Hamas breaks ceasefire by launching missiles against Israel

The Israeli Army resumes fighting against the Hamas terrorist group after a seven-day truce.

Only a couple of hours after Israel and the Hamas terrorist group unofficially agreed to extend the truce for an eighth day, missiles fired toward the Israeli border town of Sderot broke the ceasefire.

In the early hours of December 1, the Israeli Army intercepted missiles fired from Gaza. Therefore, the terrorist group, showing no respect for the aforementioned agreement, broke the truce that until now had allowed the release of dozens of hostages.

Although there was an unofficial agreement, the missiles were launched shortly before the deadline to officially announce the extension of the truce.

According to Reuters, it is the first time since the truce began on November 24 that sirens have sounded in southern Israel.

As the truce deadline passed, there was no official announcement of an extension. The Israeli Army then announced that fighting against the Hamas terrorist group would resume.

Immediately after the Hamas attack, Israel responded with bombings in northern Gaza, at the sites from which the missiles were fired in the early hours of this Friday.