First week post Title 42: more than 28,000 illegal immigrants detained and some 9,500 on the run

The head of Border Patrol announced the figures of the first seven days after the end of the rule. Some 113 pounds of fentanyl were seized and 18 agents were assaulted.

It is the first week since the end of Title 42, and the effects are already visible. Authorities published data on encounters with illegal immigrants; arrests; escapes; seizures of weapons, money and drugs; and agents assaulted.

Raul Ortiz, head of Border Patrol, confirmed that there were 28,473 apprehensions of illegal immigrants, and average of 4,068 per day. Between Oct. 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023, the daily average was 5,879, totaling 1,246,371 during this period, Ortiz himself assured. In the week prior to the conclusion of Title 42, 67,759 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border.

On the other hand, some 9,571 irregulars managed to escape from authorities this week. From May 5-11, an estimated 15,780 managed to enter the country by circumventing border controls and are unaccounted for. Additionally, 18 agents were assaulted this week.

Ortiz reported that the Border Patrol seized $221,251 in cash, 323 pounds of marijuana, 113 pounds of fentanyl, 66 pounds of cocaine and 11 firearms, in addition to arresting eight sex offenders and four gang members, all of them wanted by authorities.