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Russia launches massive new attack on Ukrainian energy facilities

This according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, which announced energy shut offs amid a complex situation.

Rusia lanza un nuevo ataque masivo contra instalaciones energéticas de Ucrania

Los bomberos extinguen un incendio en una subestación eléctrica después de un ataque con misiles en Kharkiv, el 22 de marzo de 2024. (AFP)


This Saturday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy reported that Russia launched a massive attack against its energy facilities. The situation reveals a change in tactics by Moscow, which has stopped attacking electrical substations and instead is now trying to destroy entire power plants.

"The situation in the energy sector remains difficult," the Ukrainian ministry said in a statement, announcing that hourly energy shut-offs will be implemented for consumers.

The ministry also reported that two workers were injured as a result of the bombing of the facilities. Both are hospitalized.

This is the second attack this week against Ukraine's energy infrastructure and the eighth in the last three months.

The Ukrainian Air Force said its air defense systems managed to shoot down 12 out of 16 missiles as well as 13 drones launched by Russia in several regions overnight, but the targets were still hit.

This Saturday, according to Politico, officials in Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine also reported that three people were killed and at least 18 injured by Russian-guided bombs.

The magazine reported that Russia's new tactic of hitting entire electrical facilities is causing heavy internal damage in Ukraine.

“That's destroyed a significant share of power generation in several Ukrainian regions, rendering the country — once a net exporter of electricity — dependent on the EU to keep the lights on,” Politico explained regarding the new Russian strategy.