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Russian Justice sentences a US soldier to more than three years in prison for robbery and death threats

Washington accuses Moscow of using this decision as a maneuver to orchestrate the exchange of Russian prisoners detained in the United States.

Gordon Black, durante el juicio.


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A Russian court announced this Wednesday that it sentenced an American soldier accused of death threats and robbery to three years and nine months in prison . In recent years, several American citizens have been arrested and sentenced to harsh prison terms in Russia. Washington, which supports Ukraine against the Russian offensive, accuses Moscow of wanting to set up their exchange for Russians detained in the United States.

Gordon Black, 34, was tried this month by a court in the Russian Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. The American soldier was detained last month in Vladivostok where he traveled to meet a Russian woman with whom he developed a relationship while he was stationed in South Korea.

Accused of trying to strangle woman during fight

Black was prosecuted on allegations of death threats and assault against his Russian girlfriend. In addition, he faces charges for allegedly stealing 10,000 rubles, equivalent to just over $100, judicial sources reported. His partner, identified by the Russian press as Alexandra Vashuk, reported Black to the police.

The woman accused Black during the trial that began on June 6 of having tried to strangle her during a fight in the apartment they shared and claimed that the defendant later left and stole money from her to pay for a hotel. The soldier accused Vashuk of starting a fight after drinking.

The soldier pleaded "partially guilty" to robbery, and not guilty of accusations of death threats, according to local media. The American's lawyers announced to the press that they will appeal the sentence.