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Donald Trump says US will stay in NATO as long as European countries ‘play fair’

During a conversation with Nigel Farange, the former president reaffirmed the need for the alliance to treat America "fairly," as NATO would not exist without it.

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump assured that the United States will remain in the NATO as long as European countries "play fair." The former president is inching closer to being the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential election and his possible victory spells trouble for the organization, which Trump has been increasingly critical of.

For this reason, the former president spoke with the former leader of the U.K. Independence Party, Nigel Farange, to clarify that the country's permanence in NATO is assured. That is, as long as the organization treats the U.S. "fairly," reminding that NATO would not exist without it: "NATO has to treat the U.S. fairly, because if it's not for the United States, NATO literally doesn't even exist," the former president said.

Trump: ‘The United States should pay its fair share, not everyone else's’

Also of concern is the aid the United States would provide to troubled countries that belong to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Trump, in statements reported by Politico, also reassured nations worried about the possibility of no longer receiving U.S. aid and affirmed that the United States, if he returns to the presidency, will continue to help, that is, pay its "fair share":

Yeah. But you know, the United States should pay its fair share, not everybody else's fair share. We have an ocean in between some problems ... we have a nice big, beautiful ocean. [NATO] is more important for [European countries], they will take an advantage.

Farange, still unsatisfied with Trump's answers, again insisted: "So if they start to play fair, America's there?" Trump's response was immediate: "Yes. 100%." In this way, the former president once again made it clear that, despite the multiple threats he made in the past, as long as Europe "plays fair," the United States will remain a fundamental part of NATO.