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Violence intensifies in Ecuador: Prosecutor investigating attack on TV station is murdered

According to authorities, Carlos Suárez was shot several times while in his car.

Asesinato de César Suárez.


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On Wednesday, the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office announced the murder of the official in charge of investigating the recent assault on the TC television channel, perpetrated by armed men.

Carlos Suárez, an anti-mafia prosecutor, was responsible for determining which criminal group was behind the takeover of the channel in the middle of a live broadcast. However, he was unable to finish his investigation as he was shot in Guayaquil while he was traveling in his vehicle, shortly after leaving his office at the judicial police station.

Attorney General Diana Salazar reported the tragic event through a video shared on social media. “In the face of the murder of our colleague César Suárez ... I am going to be emphatic: organized crime groups, criminals, terrorists will not stop our commitment to Ecuadorian society,” she said.

Several images were also shared by various media outlets that show how Suárez’s car was hit with several gunshots right in the driver’s window. Authorities have already began an investigation into the attack.

It should be noted that prosecutor Salazar had already reported death threats from Los Lobos, one of Ecuador's main criminal organizations.

Two men suspected of being involved in the murder of the prosecutor were arrested. This was revealed Thursday by Police Commander General César Zapata.

"We have apprehended two suspects involved in the murder of the prosecutor César Suárez, after investigative steps that allowed to identify the alleged participation in the criminal act," said the police chief.

The attack on the television station

The shocking takeover of TC occurred on Jan. 9 during a terrible violent crisis that hit the country after the escape of drug trafficker Adolfo Macías, alias “Fito.”

During the assault, several hooded men entered the media headquarters and threatened journalists and workers with firearms and grenades. Television cameras captured the assault on video, since when the criminals entered the facility; a television program was being broadcast live.

After this violent incident and several others were reported that same day, President Daniel Noboa declared the country in “internal armed conflict,” identified criminal gangs as terrorists and deployed thousands of soldiers to confront the violence.