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Kim Jong Un does not want reconciliation: North Korea dissolves the agencies working for reunification with the South

The North Korean leader called for constitutional changes that would allow him to occupy the neighboring country.

Kim Jong Un

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Kim Jong Un does not want to reconcile with South Korea. The North closed several agencies working to promote cooperation and reunification with the South and its leader called for constitutional changes that would allow him to occupy the neighboring country.

"We can specify in our Constitution the issue of completely occupying, subjugating and recovering the Republic of Korea (official name of the South) and annexing it as part of the territory of our Republic in case a war breaks out," Kim said in remarks reported by AFP.

"Provocation of war"

The AFP news agency explained that the North Korean leader also indicated that he will not recognize the de facto maritime border between the two countries and threatened an open war if Seoul enters its territory. "If the Republic of Korea violates even 0.001 millimeters of our land, air or sea space, it will be considered a provocation of war," Kim said.

Meanwhile, AFP explained that "the belligerent rhetoric of both leaders reflects the deterioration of relations between the two Koreas, aggravated after the recent launch of a spy satellite by Pyongyang that led to the suspension of a military agreement to contain border tensions."

Recently, the North Korean leader had defined Seoul as the country's main enemy and had assured that attempts at reconciliation were a mistake.

Kim's position comes after the communist country launched a solid-fuel hypersonic missile over the weekend, in Pyongyang's first weapons test to be announced this year.

Meanwhile, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol told his cabinet that a provocation from the North will receive a response many times stronger. In addition, he highlighted the overwhelming response capabilities of his army.