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Jeff Vaughn sues CBS for racial discrimination against white people

The network fired the anchor because of low ratings. However, the plaintiff contends that the company was apparently enforcing diversity policies.

(Screenshot YouTube Jeff Vaughn KCAL9)(Screenshot YouTube Jeff Vaughn KCAL9)

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Television host Jeff Vaughn filed a lawsuit against CBS Broadcasting Inc. for alleged discrimination based on race, age and sexual orientation. Vaughn sued after they terminated his contract for, he alleges, being a white, heterosexual, older male. The suit is based on the grounds that CBS's termination would violate Title VII and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Vaughn is represented, according toThe New York Post, by America First Legal (AFL). The firm released a statement in which it detailed some of the facts about the lawsuit it is pursuing against the TV station.

"AFL’s client is an Emmy Award-winning white male with over 30 years of experience in broadcast journalism. In May 2022, after working at CBS for almost seven years, the General Manager Joel Vilmanay informed him that he would be terminated within six months and that CBS was currently looking for his replacement," AFL decried.

In that regard, AFL argued that although the company told the plaintiff that the firing was because of a ratings downgrade, in reality it was not about share ratings, but actually because CBS was apparently applying diversity criteria.

"Policies that unabashedly discriminate against white males." In fact, CBS replaced AFL’s client with a young black male who checked the unlawful requirements sought by the network," the law firm highlighted.

Similarly, AFL noted that the company has pushed its policies on diversity quotas. Which, in the law firm's view, shows that the channel has also made discriminatory decisions when assigning work patterns:

"Before being terminated, AFL’s client had steadily experienced discriminatory practices by being barred from being involved at CBS in multiple ways. First, AFL’s client was completely excluded from CBS News’ 20th anniversary of 9/11 special coverage, –even though he was the only one on the team that reported from Ground Zero during the events of September 11, 2001,– a perspective one might find important twenty years later. Instead, this was hosted by non-white colleagues with no personal experience on the scene."

Other white discrimination lawsuits

This is AFL’s third lawsuit against the entertainment industry for illegal discrimination against white Americans. Last year, AFL sued Meta Platforms, Inc., the Association of Independent Producers, Paramount Global, CBS Entertainment, and CBS Studios for alleged illegal discrimination based on age, race, and sex.