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Paris Hilton testifies Congress about her sexual abuse and demands more protections for children

The celebrity said she will continue to push for a change in policy regarding residential psychiatric treatment centers for young people.

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Paris Hilton impressed in Congress. The celebrity was a victim of sexual abuse and she shared her story with the Ways and Means Committee. Hilton has been working to advocate for the welfare of young people living in the custody of the state or legal guardians. Her aim is to promote policy changes regarding residential psychiatric treatment centers for young people.

"When I was 16 years old, I was ripped from my bed in the middle of the night and transported across state lines to the first of four youth residential treatment facilities. These programs promised healing, growth and support but instead did not allow me to speak, move freely or even look out a window for two years," Hilton told the child welfare committee hearing.

The businesswoman claimed that her parents were deceived and manipulated by what she described as a for-profit industry. "I was force-fed medications and sexually abused by the staff. I was violently restrained and dragged down hallways, stripped naked and thrown into solitary confinement," Hilton said in a statement reported by The Washington Post.

The billionaire heiress shared her story in an attempt to bring about change in what is often called the "troubled teen" system, a multibillion-dollar industry that includes residential facilities for young people. Hilton has pushed for legislation to protect children and bring more awareness to these programs.

She also sent a message of support for children in the system. "If you are a child in the system, hear my words: I see you. I believe you. I know what you’re going through, and I won’t give up on you. You are important, your future is important, and you deserve every opportunity to be safe and supported," Hilton stressed.

Hilton spoke out in 2021 about her sexual abuse. In 2022 she recalled how she was sexually abused at Provo Canyon High School. She recounted how staff members without medical credentials performed what she was told were medical exams on her and other teenage girls in the early morning hours. "They would have us lay on the table and put their fingers inside of us," she said.