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Seattle Police Department to hire dreamers amid staffing crisis

The city has lost more than 725 officers in the last five years, leaving just 900 active officers, the lowest level since 1990.

Imagen de archivo del Seattle Police Department

(Wikimedia Commons)

The ongoing shortage of police personnel in Seattle remains a critical inssue not stop. To try to remedy the situation, the police department announced on its LinkedIn page that it is "now accepting applications from DACA recipients" for officer positions.

Previously, applicants needed to be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. However, the job qualifications have been updated to state that "applicants must have a United States citizenship, or have lawful permanent residence in the United States, or be a beneficiary of Deferred Action for Arrivals in the United States." Childhood (DACA)."

DACA recipients can now carry a gun

Previously, DACA recipients were also restricted from carrying firearms. However, this rule was challenged by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) last year.

After the challenge, the Department of Justice determined that "ATF's position" is that "DACA recipients may also possess firearms and ammunition seized as evidence or for confiscation if the possession is in connection with their official duties."

Seattle and the lack of police

Seattle has lost more than 725 police officers in the past five years, leaving the city with about 900 officers, the lowest staffing level since 1990.

This is not the only public position that DACA recipients can hold. Earlier this year, the Democratic-majority State Legislature passed SB6157, which allows DACA recipients to apply for public service positions.