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Media magnate Rupert Murdoch marries for the fifth time at age 93

His new wife, Elena Zhukova, 67, is a retired scientist who emigrated from Russia.

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(AFP / Voz Media) At 93 years old, media magnate Rupert Murdoch married for the fifth time to a retired molecular biologist who is 26 years younger than him.

Murdoch and Elena Zhukova 67, were married on Saturday in Moraga, the estate with vineyard fields owned by the former Fox chairman in the state of California, according to local press.

Photographs published in The Sun, the British tabloid owned by Murdoch, show the couple posing and smiling. He wore a black suit and yellow tie and she was in an off-the-shoulder white dress while holding a bouquet of lilies of the valley.

Jet-setting guests included Robert Kraft, 82, owner of the New England Patriots, and his wife Dana Blumberg, 50, The Sun reported.

Murdoch has six children and was previously married four times, the last to model Jerry Hall, a former partner of singer Mick Jagger from British rock band the Rolling Stones.

Zhukova, who emigrated to the United States from Russia, is a retired molecular biologist.

The Australian businessman and his family are owners of a media empire that includes The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, among other influential media outlets, and which is valued at about $20 billion, according to Forbes.

Murdoch handed over control of his global media empire to his son Lachlan last November, moving to emeritus status.