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A report reveals that vandals behind the antisemitic protests at Columbia University may have trained in Cuba

Manolo De Los Santos, identified as a radical activist with strong ties to the Cuban dictatorial regime, appears as one of the leaders of these violent demonstrations.

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Recent investigations reveal that several of the anti-Israel protests that have taken place on university campuses in the United States have been influenced by activists trained in Cuba.

According to DNA America's findings, The People's Forum (TPF), a radical antisemitic group based in New York with ties to the communist parties of China and Cuba, has supported and trained "student" protesters using protest tactics similar to those of Black Lives Matter.

The co-executive director of the organization and leader of these operations is allegedly Manolo De Los Santos, who has been identified as a radical activist with deep connections to the Cuban dictatorial regime. De Los Santos has traveled to the Caribbean island on several occasions, has trained there and has already worked closely with leaders of the Cuban communist party, including its president Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Additionally, he has participated in and organized multiple rallies in support of leftist causes and has expressed his admiration for figures such as Fidel Castro and former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez.

The DNA report states that in addition to De Los Santos, there are already other activists in the United States who are linked to antisemitic groups who have also been traveling to Cuba.

De Los Santos is allegedly inciting more violent protests

De Los Santos allegedly incited student protesters to escalate protests to recreate "the summer of 2020," referencing the violent Black Lives Matter protests that followed the death of George Floyd. Hours later, protesters illegally entered Columbia University's Hamilton Hall, blocking entrances and vandalizing the academic building.

The financing of these operations

According to research by Alexander Reid Ross for New Lines, The People's Forum, which bills itself as a "movement incubator for working class and marginalized communities," has been able to organize its pro-Hamas protests largely by a donation of $12 million made by pro-Chinese tech entrepreneur Neville Roy Singham, who is in a relationship with Jodie Evans.

Evans has been involved in pro-Cuban protests in the United States, including the occupation of the Venezuelan embassy in DC to protest opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

The links between Cuba and Palestinian terrorists

The Cuban regime has already been accused of training and providing logistical support to Palestinian guerrillas and terrorists since the early 1960s.

It would not be the first time that Cuba has made international efforts to promote its political ideology. FBI reports have revealed that Cuban intelligence played a crucial role in the formation of the Venceremos Brigades, whose objective is to recruit people with a certain political orientation so that they can eventually occupy elected or appointed positions in the United States government and provide information to the Cuban regime.