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Weather alert in California: A second atmospheric river brings snow, flooding and strong winds

State authorities asked Californians to stay off the roads until the storm, which will span from Saturday until Tuesday, is over.

Imagen de archivo de una persona sosteniendo un paraguas en San Francisco, California.


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A new atmospheric river will hit California spanning from this Saturday night until Tuesday. Although rain is expected throughout almost the entire state, the coastal areas in the middle and south of the state will be the most affected. The National Weather Service warned of possible flooding.

The NWS also forecast heavy snowfall in the Sierra Nevada that will impose "disruptions to daily life, including difficult to impossible travel conditions." "In addition to the heavy rain and snow, very strong, gusty winds and damaging high surf are also expected," the meteorological service explained.

State officials urged Californians to stay off the roads until the storm is over. They summed up their advice in the slogan "turn around, don't drown." They also said they are working with local emergency teams and are ready to deploy the National Guard if needed.