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The winter storm in the Midwest puts the Republican primaries in check

Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley’s campaign teams had to cancel their events in Iowa, just days before the caucus.

Un hombre lucha por contener las mansalvas de nieve que se hacinan en las calles de un pequeño pueblo de Iowa. Va tan solo equipado con una pala.


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The Midwest is bracing for the worst of the winter cold front that has been making its way across the country for a week. Several states in the region are preparing to receive heavy snowfall throughout the area.

Iowa is right in the middle of this storm. The state is under alert and is expected to get the worst of it, according to meteorological experts. There, the freezing blizzard will hit the state from this Friday through Saturday, leaving between four to eight inches of snow.

The Great Lakes region is also going to be affected by the storm. Illinois and Michigan are expected to get four to six more inches of snow. A sharp drop in temperatures is expected from Oregon to Nebraska throughout Saturday. The situation will affect practically the entire country. Montana is forecast to reach -41º Fahrenheit.

Storm cancels Haley and DeSantis’ campaign events

The winter storm is making candidates cancel their last campaign events in Iowa before the caucus next Monday. Iowa is the state that kicks off the primaries, and the Republican candidates were planning on holding their events there.

Nikki Haley's campaign team had to cancel their event in Iowa due to the storm. The timing couldn't have been worse for Haley, who was moving up in the polls and stood a change of competing with DeSantis for second place in the Iowa caucuses.

The governor of Florida also canceled two of his campaign events in Iowa, but he still has three more scheduled at the moment. Iowa is a state that DeSantis' campaign team has especially focused on since the beginning of his primary victory race.

Vivek Ramaswamy promised to continue with what he had planned in Iowa throughout this Friday. "We will continue until the last while we can do it 'physically,'" said the young candidate in reference to the terrible storm that is passing through the Midwest. The primary candidate refuses to give up. Earlier this Thursday, he got trapped on the road due to snowfall, Ramaswamy did not want to miss a scheduled event so he ended up participating via video call on his iPad.