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The United States reactivates multiple-entry tourist visas with five years of validity for Cubans

Despite the resumption, the document must be processed at any U.S. Embassy outside Cuba, except in specific cases.

Visa estadounidense (www.bastamanography.id)

Visa estadounidense (www.bastamanography.id)

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The U.S. Embassy in Cuba reported that Cubans can apply for a B-2 nonimmigrant tourist visa, which allows legal entry into the country for tourist trips, shopping, medical consultations and family visits. In addition, since August 25, 2023, these documents issued to Cuban citizens are valid for five years.

"Tourist (B-2) visa validity for Cuban nationals has changed. As of August 25, 2023, B2 visas issued to Cuban nationals are valid for five years and permit multiple entries into the United States," the Embassy said on its X account (formerly Twitter).

Despite the resumption, the Embassy explained that visa requests must be made at any U.S. Embassy outside of Cuba, except in specific cases such as to address health issues. "Please note that the U.S. Embassy in Havana does not currently process B-2 nonimmigrant visas for tourist travel," the agency recalled.

" Cuban citizens and residents wishing to apply for a B2 tourist visa can request a visa appointment at any U.S. Embassy or Consulate outside of Cuba that provides nonimmigrant visa services," the Embassy added.

The Embassy stopped granting these types of visas in 2019 when then-President Donald Trump made the decision after several U.S. Embassy officials experienced Havana Syndrome.