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Biden begins his plan to regain voter confidence by adding more sleep to his schedule

The president said this in a meeting he held with 20 Democratic governors to reassure them about his candidacy. According to CNN, these comments frustrated some of those present.

Temor entre los principales asesores de Biden: algunos consideran que el presidente no tiene una estrategia “seria” para vencer a Trump

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Joe Biden continues in his attempt to save his candidacy after his performance in the first debate against Donald Trump, which left him weakened within the Democratic Party. The president met with 20 Democratic governors on Wednesday with the aim of making his leadership clear. Less than 24 hours later, a striking detail about this meeting was revealed that involves part of Biden's strategy going forward.

As reported by The New York Timesthe president told the governors that he will seek to sleep more hours to improve his performance, so he would try not to have an agenda after 8 p.m.

Biden had earlier used fatigue from his travels abroad as an excuse for his debate performance. However, despite the statements by the still presumptive Democratic nominee, his overseas travels ended on June 14, six days before he began his week of preparation at Camp David, where he was meeting with much of his staff to fine-tune his debate strategy.

As for the president's comments, and according to CNN sources consulted, several governors were "frustrated." It is even one of the reasons why "some of the participants have been upset by the statement of loyalty and enthusiasm distributed by the Biden campaign on Thursday."

Biden's meeting with governors

With the premise of convincing the governors that his candidacy is still viable, and even more so when it is speculated that many of them are eager to start a run for the White House, Biden held an hour-long meeting with 20 of them, including Gavin Newsom and Kathy Hochul.

According to what transpired about this meeting, the conversation was "sincere," so much so that some governors were concerned about a possible Trump victory with Biden as the front-runner.

"The president is our candidate. The president is the leader of our party," expressed Wes Moore, governor of Maryland, minutes after the meeting, adding that the president "was very clear that he is here to win." Hochul affirmed that the governors promised to support the president.

According to Biden's campaign, the meeting was intended to discuss the governors' association with the campaign and the president took the opportunity to seek "advice and expertise" from those present.