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White House panic after Biden's poor debate performance, even Hunter Biden joins meetings to advise his father

"It's dark. It feels like there is zero leadership or information," one of the president's campaign officials commented.

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden(Andrew Caballero- Reynolds / AFP)

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Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is participating in key meetings alongside his father and top White House advisers in the wake of Joe Biden's poor performance in the recent debate against Donald Trump. While it is common for Hunter to be at the presidential residence or official events, his presence at strategic meetings is unusual.

According to sources close to the presidential family, Hunter has been advising his father since the debate. These sources indicate that he has been present at several meetings and phone calls the president has had with his advisers.

"Hunter doesn't trust," his father's aides, he told a source at the New York Post.

Hunter's active participation has surprised senior White House officials, who have reacted with bewilderment, asking, "What the hell is happening?" according to NBC News.

When asked about it, White House spokesman Andrew Bates explained, "Hunter came back with the President from their family weekend at Camp David and went with the President straight into speech prep," referring to Biden's preparations for his remarks on a Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity.

However, Hunter Biden's participation in the meetings and proximity to the president come amid questions about whether Joe Biden should continue with his re-election campaign. According to reports, Hunter Biden is among the immediate family members who are urging the president to stay in the race.

Concern within the White House

Joe Biden's performance in the recent presidential debate has generated a wave of concern and discontent among his own aides. Many of them are alarmed by what they see as troubling signs about the president's state of mind, as well as feeling frustration over what they perceive as a lack of transparency and leadership on the part of his top advisers.

According to a report by Axios, more than a dozen White House staffers and members of the Biden campaign have expressed feelings of anger, sadness and determination at the situation. One White House official noted, "It's the first topic of every conversation. Senior leadership has given us nothing. To act like it's business as usual is delusional." Another official was more direct: "Everyone is freaking the f*** out." A third White House official added, "The uncertainty after Thursday is palpable and anxiety is only increasing."

The day after the debate, senior White House officials addressed the president's performance with their staffs. Many felt they were only provided talking points without any clear explanation as to why Biden had difficulty articulating his arguments against Trump. This lack of clarity and answers from senior advisers continued throughout the week, leading to growing resentment and anger among Biden's team.

While some members of the presidential team believe that the debate was simply a bad night and that the issue will pass, the atmosphere in the White House has changed significantly. One campaign official commented, "It's dark. It feels like there is zero leadership or information. People are being told to keep their heads down and keep working, but they're not seeing the president or being given any reason why they should have faith in him."