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FLOTUS Power: Jill Biden steps out of the shadows to try to save the president

The first lady expressed that her family will not give up power so easily during an interview on Monday.

Jill Biden (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP)AFP

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It's no secret: Jill Biden is trying to save the president. In recent days, the first lady has been increasing her presence in her husband's political activities. Recently, a moment went viral in which Jill congratulated the president after his disastrous participation in the presidential debate with former President Donald Trump. 

"Joe, you did such a great job. You answered every question!" said Jill Biden at an event after the debate.

The moment has not gone unnoticed, the media and social media have not stopped talking about the influence the first lady has been gaining. Unlike the 2020 campaign, Jill Biden is coming to Joe Biden's rescue. According to Miranda Devine, a contributor for The New York Post, it is a strategy driven by Anthony Bernal, advisor to the first lady.

"Under the thrall of her Rasputin-like adviser Anthony Bernal, the first lady is acting as if she is the candidate — at the expense of her husband and the country," Devine wrote.

Devine argued that "you can see how dependent she is on Bernal by the knowing looks they exchange when Joe is going off the rails, as he did at Waffle House, where he was dragged out after the debate when he shouldhave been in bed."

Moreover, Jill Biden's attempts to save her husband's reelection campaign hasn't just been at public events. In private she has also insisted that the Democrat should stay in the presidential race despite the fact that her party has serious concerns about his candidacy. The president decided to insulate himself from the noise after his first presidential debate and took the day for a family meeting aimed at analyzing the situation and making decisions. After the meeting, with Jill and her son Hunter calling the shots, Biden the president decided to move forward with his candidacy.

However, according to reports published by The New York Times, even his grandchildren know that Joe Biden has to step up his presence on the campaign trail. "You get up and keep fighting," was the word at the family meeting.

Today, a Vogue interview with the first lady was also published. Asked about the president's embarrassing participation in the debate, Jill Biden expressed that her family will not give up power so easily. "We will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he’s been president. We will continue to fight." Jill Biden noted.

The big question is what the Bidens are willing to do to stay in the White House, something many attribute to the supposed fear of losing the privileges of being the presidential family. All this, while a majority of voters have no confidence in Joe Biden's mental health. Seventy-two percent of participants in a CBS poll believe Biden has neither the mental health nor the cognitive ability to serve as president.


Asked whether he should stay in the presidential race, the numbers are again 72% for "no" and a poor 28% for "yes." Moreover, Democratic voters who trust the current commander in chief have gone from 64% to 54%. On the contrary, critics have grown from 36% to 46%.

Despite those numbers, the presidential family seems to prefer to look the other way without even considering the advice of the Democrats themselves, who, according to Axios, have for a large part distanced themselves from the current White House tenant. "Democrats in competitive congressional races are beginning to distance themselves from President Biden after the president's halting debate performance," Axios explained.