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Biden faces re-election with the worst numbers ever for a President

Concern about the economic situation has not been so high, nor confidence in management so low, since the 2008 crisis.


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Joe Biden faces the election year with the worst figures ever for a president. The current leader of the Executive began his campaign to win re-election with an approval of 41%, the lowest in history. These numbers have even worsened to reach his own historic low of 38.1% 1,241 days into his term. In addition, economic confidence, one of the key points, is at its lowest point since the 2008 crisis.

This is highlighted by Gallup in its 2024 U.S. Presidential Election Center study, in which they pick up key points such as approval of the president in office as the election year begins, citizens' satisfaction with the country's progress as well as economic confidence, concern about the economy's performance and party affiliation.

Biden, in the caboose in all the fields.

Biden presents shattering numbers for Democratic Party interests in all sections. The numbers are especially critical in terms of his approval and economic indicators, although satisfaction with the nation's progress also is in the caboose among Executive leaders.

The current tenant of the White House began January's election year with an approval rating of 41%, the worst recorded at that point among previous presidents. The next worst was George W. Bush, four points better. Next, with 46 points were Gerald Ford and George Bush Sr. Former president and Biden's main rival in November, Donald Trump, kicked off the key year with 47%. Top-rated at that point were Lyndon B. Johnson and Einsehower, with 77% each.

Trump, the one who generated the most economic confidence.

He is not faring any better in terms of economic indicators either. Regarding economic confidence, he only fared worse in January 2008, with the subprime economic crisis. Under Biden, economic confidence was at negative records (-26%) in early 2024, a figure that fell to -34% in May. The worst record is the -35 with which 2008 opened, eventually plummeting before that year's election to -72%. The best record at that point in this field was held by Donald Trump in 2020, when 40% of voters were confident about the economy's performance.

In the opposite section, concern about the economy, again Biden (34%) is only surpassed by the dramatic situation of 2008 which still lingered in 2012. Thus, on the latter date, the fear of citizens reached 66%.