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The possibility of a Trump victory attracts CEOs of big companies

The former president held a meeting with businessmen in which he promised to improve Joe Biden's economy and tax structure.

Donald Trump

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Less than five months before the presidential elections, the main polls place Donald Trump as the winner. With this potential scenario, CEOs of large companies are turning to the former president, hoping to influence his agenda in the White House and help his tax and tariff policy.

Despite the departure of some prominent businessmen after the 2020 elections, according to The Wall Street Journal, they "are flocking to meet him again."

"Since Trump vanquished his last major GOP primary foe, more big names from the world of finance have lined up behind him. This week, a range of chief executives listened carefully as he promised more tax cuts and hedged some of his harshest promises on immigration," they added.

Indeed, this meeting took place last Thursday, June 13, and was attended by names such as Jamie Dimon from JPMorgan Chase, Brian Moynihan from Bank of America, Citi CEO Jane Fraser, and Charlie Scharf from Wells Fargo.

According to the aforementioned media, the Republican told the group that he would have a better economic performance than Biden and would promote a more seductive tax structure for large capitals. An example is the eventual reduction of the corporate tax to 20 or 15%.

These executives turned to Trump due to "frustration" with President Biden and the poll numbers, which show the Republican as the winner in most of the key states.

Dimon let slip his opinion on the elections at the last meeting of the World Economic Forum, where he expressed that Trump was “more or less right” on certain issues such as trade and immigration.