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Trump in interview with Dr. Phil: "There are people that control Biden"

The Republican candidate hinted that he has a sense of who might be controlling the president. "Possibly they're real believers, what their sick ideology is," he said.

El expresidente de Estados Unidos y candidato presidencial republicano para 2024, Donald Trump, participa en un evento en el ayuntamiento en Dream City Church en Phoenix, Arizona

(Jim Watson / AFP)

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This Thursday, Donald Trump’s interview was broadcast, when he sat down for an hour with renowned psychologist and television host Dr. Phil McGraw to talk in-depth about his life, his political perceptions, and the personal and professional challenges he faces.

During the conversation, Trump addressed the difficulties present in the current political landscape, describing what he calls the “evil forces” that he believes control President Joe Biden.

“You have to be very strong. You’re fighting very evil forces and they’re very smart forces. There are people that control Biden,” he stated. The former president also suggested that he knows who these people are. “They’re very smart, very energetic. Possibly they’re real believers, what their sick ideology is,” he said.

Personal challenges

Dr. Phil took the opportunity to dig even deeper into the darkest and most difficult moments Trump has faced. “When the crowds aren’t cheering, what’s the darkest moment you think of?” he asked. Although Trump did not reveal a specific moment, he made it clear that one of the most difficult things has been the constant pressure on his family. Likewise, he stressed how hard it has been, especially for his wife, Melania, to see how he fights to make the United States “great again.”

Discontent with the legal system

Trump also addressed the legal and judicial issues he faces, especially after being convicted on multiple charges in New York. The former president criticized the legal system and expressed his discontent with the judicial process against him, including the restrictions imposed by Judge Juan Merchán in his case. “It’s so unfair. If we don’t turn this around, we’re not going to have a country left anymore,” he said.

Foreign policy

In foreign policy, Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the policies of the Biden administration, particularly in relation to Ukraine and Russia. He promised to resolve international conflicts if he returns to the presidency, showing his determination to act on the world stage. “‘I’ll get the war in Ukraine settled and won by the time I take office as president-elect,” he assured.

Immigration and vision of the future

McGraw also questioned Trump’s stance on immigration, and the former president clarified that he is not against people who enter the United States legally but rather those who do so illegally. “I want to let people coming. We need it (...) but we need good people. We need people that aren’t going to blow up our shopping centers and kill people,” he said.

Trump took the opportunity to point out that under the Biden administration, the United States has become “a failing nation,” but suggested that he could point the country in the right direction.