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Trump's New York Case: Judge Merchán announced that a Facebook post suggests a juror revealed the ruling to his family

Fox News reported the information based on a letter it had access to. This document would be the judge's notification to the Republican's campaign about what happened.

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The Donald Trump case in Manhattan appears to have begun a new chapter after the jury's initial decision, which found the former president guilty of all the 34 charges brought against him by prosecutor Alvin Bragg. On this occasion, Judge Juan Merchan informed Trump's legal team that one of the jurors shared the verdict with his family, which is against the law.

Fox News reported the information based on a letter that Merchan shared with the former president's lawyers.

According to their information, one of the jurors' relatives revealed through a comment on Facebook that the juror in question discussed the case with his family and informed them of the verdict before it became official.

"Today, the Court became aware of a comment that was posted on the Unified Court System's public Facebook page and which I now bring to your attention. In the comment, the user, 'Michael Anderson,' states:' My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted! Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!" reads the letter, which quickly went viral on social media.

A Trump campaign official contacted Fox News and said they were "looking into the matter."

What now?

According to the manual for trial jurors in the service of the U.S. District Court, “jurors must not talk about the case with others not on the jury, even their spouses or families and must not read about the case in the newspapers.”

"They should avoid radio and television broadcasts that might mention the case. The jury’s verdict must be based on nothing else but the evidence and law presented to them in court,” the brief adds.

Therefore, this information could lead to a retrial in which the jury convicted Trump on all 34 counts in Manhattan.

"The true verdict will be on November 5th"

Just minutes after the jury's decision was known, which the former president was found guilty on all charges, Trump himself broke the silence.

"This was a trial rigged by a conflictive and corrupt judge. The true verdict will be on November 5th by the people, and they know what happened here," he assured, giving rise to many other reactions.

As for the sentencing, Judge Juan Merchan scheduled it for July 11th at ten in the morning, just four days before the Republican National Convention (RNC).