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According to the NYT, the Manhattan ruling caused many undecided voters to turn towards Trump

The jury found the Republican guilty of each and every one of the 34 charges brought against him by prosecutor Alvin Bragg.

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On May 30, that the Manhattan Prosecutor's Office had brought against him. The jury's decision made him the first president of the United States (sitting or former) to be convicted of a crime. Just a few days later, the first polls begin to appear with a condemned Trump.

Although some key states such as Georgia saw the former president rise in the polls, one of the most striking polls was the one published by The New York Times.

Although the poll conducted together with Siena College showed Biden obtaining a slight improvement with respect to his numbers prior to Trump's conviction, there was one detail that caught everyone's attention on social networks.

The trend can be summed up by the guilty verdict bringing back around some Trump supporters who had left him behind.

"The voters we spoke to who continue to support Mr. Trump appear to be more enthusiastic than ever. Many of his previously disengaged supporters seemed newly energized by the verdict, with 18 percent of his supporters who previously said they were unlikely to vote now 'almost certain' to do so, compared with just 3 percent of Mr. Biden’s supporters who moved into that category," the NYT noted.

This reinforces the trend anticipated by a report published by The Free Press , a media outlet that interviewed a group of seven people who had never voted for Trump and explained their reasons for joining the former president's side.

One of them was Shaun Maguire, a well-known partner at the venture capital firm Sequoia, who publicly announced that he donated $300,000 to the Trump campaign after the verdict in Manhattan.

“In 2016, I thought it was likely that Trump would be both owned by Russia and highly corrupt and undemocratic. That scared me to death. But after watching his actions as president, that foreign influence never seemed to materialize. I think he has been one of the strongest foreign policy presidents we have ever had,” he explained.

"The true verdict will be on November 5"

Just minutes after the jury's decision was known, finding the former president guilty of each and every one of the charges against him, Trump himself broke the silence.

"This was a trial rigged by a conflictive and corrupt judge. The true verdict will be on November 5 by the people, and they know what happened here," he assured, giving rise to many other reactions.

As for the sentencing, Judge Juan Merchán scheduled it for July 11 at ten in the morning, just four days before the Republican National Convention (RNC).