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The trial against Hunter Biden: The Prosecutor's Office shows messages from the president's son trying to buy drugs at the time he purchased the firearm

Jurors heard excerpts from his book in which he talks about the "crackhead wisdom" and boasts about his ability to "find crack in any town."

Hunter Biden


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This Tuesday, the trial against President Joe Biden's famous son, Hunter Biden, began formally. In opening statements, the Prosecutor's Office said it would show evidence that the president's son smoked crack every 15 to 20 minutes on the days in which he acquired the firearm for which he faces criminal charges. Hunter is charged with three counts; if found guilty, the penalty could be up to 25 years in prison.

Hunter allegedly lied when he purchased a firearm in 2018 and gave false information to the seller, ensuring that he was not using or addicted to controlled substances. Prosecutors have insisted that the charge is not about his addiction, which is not a "choice," but about his decision to buy a gun while high on drugs and lie to achieve the purchase.

This trial will focus on this. It is the first time that a president's son faces criminal charges. Among the witnesses that the Prosecutor's Office will call and that will surely generate many reactions are several of Hunter's ex-partners, including Hallie Biden, his brother's widow, who later became his girlfriend and with whom he was in a relationship at the time of the gun purchase.

Hunter's famous computer is presented as evidence

The Prosecutor's Office presented Hunter's infamous computer in court as part of the records that prove that the president's son was using drugs at the time he bought the weapon. FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen testified Tuesday, verifying that the computer belonged to Hunter. The FBI obtained the president's son's computer after it was tipped off that it had been abandoned at a Mac store in Delaware and that its owner was possibly the president's son.

The computer has been key to the case because it has messages detailing agreements to buy drugs that Hunter allegedly made at that time. The exchanges discussed topics such as the location to meet, the quantities of drugs he would buy, and even messages from Hunter seeking to obtain "baby powder."

For example, prosecutors exposed an exchange between Hallie Biden and Hunter, in which he assures her that he was waiting for a drug dealer at the time. In another message, which would have occurred two days after the gun purchase, Hunter tells Hallie that he was in his car doing crack.

Hunter's statements in his book

This Tuesday, the Prosecutor's Office played audio excerpts from Hunter Biden's book "Beautiful Things." The extracts clearly show the drug addict status of the president's son at the time of the purchase of the weapon in question. The jurors and the judge heard statements made by the defendant himself detailing his drug use.

Hunter was heard talking about the "crackhead wisdom," bragging about his ability to "find crack in any town." Reflections from the president's son about his addiction days were also heard: "Crack takes you into the darkest recesses of your soul, as well as the darkest corners of every community."

The Prosecutor's Office also presented as evidence the firearm purchase form that Hunter signed, in which the "no" box regarding the use of illegal substances is marked.