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"Long live freedom": Javier Milei meets with Elon Musk in Texas

The South African businessman welcomed the Argentine president to one of his Tesla factories. Both strengthened ties with one common idea: to promote free markets.

Esta foto difundida por la Presidencia argentina muestra al presidente de Argentina, Javier Milei (d), y al consejero delegado de Tesla, Elon Musk (i), posando para una foto durante la visita de Milei a la fábrica de Tesla en Austin, Estados Unidos, el 12 de abril de 2024.


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Elon Musk welcomed Argentine President Javier Milei this Friday to one of his Tesla electric car factories in Austin (Texas) and posted several photos of both giving a thumbs up and shaking hands.

Musk captioned one of the photos "Freedom,” one of the mottos he shares with Milei.

Javier Milei shared photo with Musk on X and captioned it with one of his famous slogans: Viva la libertad, carajo!

Both "agreed on the need to free markets and defend the ideas of freedom," as well as the importance of eliminating bureaucratic obstacles to business, said a spokeswoman for the Argentine presidency in a statement reported by AFP.

They also discussed investments and investment opportunities with lithium, a mineral used in the production of cell phone batteries, electronics and electric vehicles such as Teslas. Argentina has significant reserves of this mineral.

The Argentine president also offered to be an ally of Musk in his legal battle in Brazil, the spokeswoman added. Recently, the owner of X has been under investigation by the Brazilian judicial system for attempting to prioritize social media users’ freedom of expression amid pressure from Lula da Silva's government.

On the other hand, it seems that this will not be the last meeting between the two. Musk has agreed to participate in an event in Argentina in the near future to promote freedom, according to Milei's spokesperson.