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Matt Gaetz introduces bill to allow states to protect themselves from border crisis

The Republican representative's proposal would allow states to decide whether to remove barbed wire from their borders without needing permission from the Biden administration.

Matt Gaetz, representante republicano por Florida.

(Cordon Press)

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Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz introduced a bill to allow states to implement their own measures to defend themselves from the incessant border crisis that is affecting the country. This bill was drafted in light of the serious situation that Texas has been experiencing in recent weeks.

The State Border Security Act, named after the bill presented by Gaetz this Tuesday in the House of Representatives, is specifically focused on a recent Supreme Court decision that determined that the Biden administration could destroy barbed wire fencing put up by individual states along the border.

With his proposal, the Republican representative wants states to have the authority to decide whether or not to eliminate these barriers, as long as they are located within a 25-mile radius of the border. The proposal is similar to the one presented by Ohio Republican Sen. JD Vance in January.

"Last month, the Supreme Court gave the Biden administration the ability to destroy border fencing erected by Texas to protect its citizens from illegal aliens. My legislation, along with Sen. Vance’s, will codify that states along the Southern Border have the right to protect their territory," Gaetz said.

Gaetz believes it is important to grant states the power to be able to make decisions about their border security. The Republican representative asked legislators to vote in favor of both his bill and the one presented by Vance. Gaetz concluded his statement by saying, "Since the Biden administration refuses to take action, Congress must empower states to defend themselves against the unprecedented invasion at the Southern Border."