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Biden administration sued for withholding information about climate czar John Kerry's office

Power the Future reported that the State Department has refused to share information about jobs, budgets and other details.

El enviado presidencial especial de Estados Unidos para el Clima, John Kerry, habla durante una conferencia de prensa en la cumbre climática de las Naciones Unidas en Dubai el 6 de diciembre de 2023.


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This Tuesday, the energy watchdog group Power the Future (PTF) filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration for the lack of transparency in the release of information about the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC), John Kerry, and his team.

The complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, argues that the government has consistently refused to disclose the names, job titles, goals, budgets and outside associations of SPEC office staff.

“For nearly three years, John Kerry has been jet-setting on the international climate conference circuit while sending taxpayers the bill. Today, we begin the process of teaching John Kerry and Joe Biden that they work for the taxpayers. No one should have to waste resources on litigation, but that is our only option since John Kerry thinks he can keep his office off the books,” explained Daniel Turner, executive director of PTF for a Fox News Digital report.

The lawsuit suggests the records could shed light on SPEC’s possible involvement in a United Nations Foundation plan to insert staff into high-ranking climate offices. Additionally, it would seek to determine whether private ideological parties finance State Department personnel in that office.

PTF also warns in its complaint that although the State Department plans to reveal names and positions in October 2024, this delay could be considered a tactic to avoid public disclosure for fiscal year 2024.

“The American people are on the receiving end of countless green mandates and rules, gas stove bans and skyrocketing utility bills, with no opportunity for consent or input, and many of these decisions are hatched in John Kerry’s office. That is why it is our hope that this litigation will finally bring to light the information we deserve to know,” Turner stated.

The PTF application

PTF already filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a list of Kerry’s staff in January. This arose after FOIA documents came to light revealing SPEC positions and salaries but redacted the names of the people in those positions.

Reports indicate that Kerry’s staff receives more than $4 million a year, with some workers earning up to $186,680 annually, making them some of the highest-paid officials.

In 2022, Fox News Digital reported that the State Department allocated almost $14 million annually for the SPEC office, which has 45 staff members.

John Kerry wants to resign

As for John Kerry, it was recently reported that he is considering leaving his position, and although the exact date has not yet been determined, several suggest that this could occur in late winter or early spring, as the special envoy allegedly plans to focus on supporting Biden’s re-election campaign.

The White House has already named climate adviser John Podesta as his replacement. However, the change will not be enough to calm the criticism that has arisen regarding the climate department that Joe Biden invented in January 2021 without any congressional authorization or Senate confirmation.