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Asa Hutchinson follows in Vivek Ramaswamy's footsteps and drops out of the presidential race

The former candidate had minimal support in the Iowa caucuses. He did not comment on whether he will support Donald Trump.

Asa Hutchinson, excandidato a las primarias republicanas de 2024.

Asa Hutchinson (ALEX WROBLEWSKI / AFP)

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In less than a day, the results of the Iowa caucuses led both Vivek Ramaswamy and Asa Hutchinson to drop out of the Republican presidential race. The former candidate made his resignation official in a statement posted on social media after finishing in sixth place in the legislative assemblies, where he obtained minimal support:

Unlike Ramaswamy, who publically endorsed Donald Trump after dropping out, Hutchinson did not speak out and is not expected to support the former president after criticizing Trump's candidacy on several occasions.

The polls were never kind to Hutchinson. He barely had the minimum percentage of popular support and was not considered a serious rival for the candidates who started off stronger.

Now that Ramaswamy and Hutchinson have officially pulled out of the race, Trump is paving his way to return to the White House as a Republican candidate. DeSantis and Haley still remain in the race.