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Eric Adams on federal economic assistance: "It comes nowhere near what the city is paying for a national problem"

The Democratic mayor explained that he expects to have to spend at least $4.3 billion to deal with the immigration crisis, far short of the $30 million promised by the Administration.

El alcalde de Nueva York, Eric Adams,

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (Cordon Press)

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, put the amount of money the city will spend to cope with the wave of immigrants it is receiving at more than $4.3 billion. A much higher expenditure than the 30 million that President Biden promised to send.

Adams explained this budget difference on Face the Nation, when Margaret Brennan asked him about his criticism of the Administration's immigration policy. Specifically, that the Administration had "turned its back" and also for the outright lack of federal economic assistance.

However, the journalist pointed out that the government had promised to send 30 million to alleviate the migration crisis. "I don't think there is a discrepancy (between my sayings and Biden's promise)," the Democrat responded, and later explained:

We have spent over a billion dollars; we're projected to spend close to $4.3 billion, if not more. This estimate was based on the number of migrants coming into the city, and those numbers have clearly increased.

The City that Never Sleeps received more than 900 migrants on several different days last week, according to the mayor. Two weeks ago, the number of immigrants arriving in New York was 4,200 in just one week.

After reviewing these numbers, Adams recalled that the budget available to his government was already depleted by the economic crisis generated by covid. However, he asserted, "When you look at the price tag, federal aid comes nowhere near what the city is paying for a national problem."